Importing and exporting currencies

To keep up with our customers’ ongoing demands and to meet all their needs, we import and export all foreign currencies and give our clients the best competitive rates to exchange and convert their local currency to the desired one.

Zamzam Application
Bank Transfers

We help our customers with commercial and personal bank transfers that can be deposited directly into any of their worldwide bank accounts.

Electronic transfer as a main agent

Sending and receiving instant transfers as a main agent and granting subsidiary agencies to other exchange companies to cash out the transfers.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Cash in foreign currencies, buying, selling, exchanging.

Zamzam wallets
Electronic wallets

Open, deposit, and withdrawal, from electronic wallets and other e-payment systems.

Gold ingots and coins

Zamzam provides an exclusive service for customers looking to maintain their savings and preserve them by buying gold coins and pure Swiss ingots. This service helps our customers save their money for a lifetime without being affected by the changes in the global currency market.

Electronic transfer as a sub-agent

Instant electronic transfer: send and receive instant transfers as a sub-agent from other companies.

Foreign currency checks

This service is specially made for our customers who travel abroad a lot and are unwilling to hold foreign currencies at hand all the time; we help them keep their money safer by buying and selling foreign currency checks.