Quality is what distinguishes us from others

Because we believe that the true value of money lies in providing the quality that distinguishes our services, and because we understand how these services can make a significant difference in a customer’s life, we have established the easiest, fastest, and most affordable money transfer system. As a result, we have gained the trust of many customers and other international exchange companies, allowing us to expand our presence to more than 24 locations throughout Jordan. We have become one of the most well-known exchange companies in Jordan, offering reliable solutions in the exchange and remittance market.


Money transfers in a month

958,6562 JOD

Amount delivered in a month


Correspondents points


Annual increase in the volume of sales


Annual growth in customers’ numbers

The Aysar System, the property of Zamzam Exchange, is a digital system for speed remittance. It’s used for internal and external transfers, withdrawal movements, and cash deposits. The Aysar System is integrated with accounting and financial systems, instant transfer systems, and E-wallets at Zamzam Company and its agents. 

The Aysar System saves a great deal of time and effort for the client, the company, and agents, as it’s linked with the customer’s database, to enter periodic customer data automatically, and can send and receive remittances instantly.