About Zamzam

Who are we?

Founded in the city of Irbid in 1968, Zamzam Exchange has experienced exceptional growth over the years and has established 25 branches across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Our vision is to provide the best exchange service in Jordan at an affordable price for all Jordanians and residents alike. Zamzam's commitment to quality services and the trust it has earned among its customers have facilitated the expansion of its services and partnerships with many global banks and exchange companies, including Western Union, Transfast, and many others.

What makes us unique?

Leaning on the deep-rooted base of commitment, credibility, and trust, Zamzam always adapts to changes in the global currency market by expanding its line of services.  
We created our own transaction system so our clients can use it anywhere they go in or out of Jordan. As of now, we currently have around 150 local exchange branches that use the Aysar system affiliated with Zamzam, and 56 international agents that use this system as well.


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